We are a small team here working at DarkTourists.com, but we hope that will grow over time.

Our aim is a simple one, to bring you the most in-depth information on the world’s dark tourist destinations.

Eventually, this site will be the most complete resource on dark tourism available online, (from a traveler’s perspective). Each article will provide you with all the guidance you need on a particular dark tourist location.

Whether you’re looking for the opening times of the location, wish to book a recommended tour or require any other details, you will find it here.

The historical importance of each dark tourist spot is also important to us. In some cases, we will delve deep to bring you comprehensive accounts of exactly what happened for a site to become synonymous with the macabre.

At the very least we will guide you to places where you can find out more.

We also want to highlight some of the lesser-known destinations, as well as increase the awareness of dark tourism and in some ways actually reduce the stigma attached to it.

As we have explained on the homepage of this site, the ethical exploration of dark tourist locations is essential. We want to endorse that principle so that ultimately, dark tourism can be seen in a better light.

The ethos should always be to educate and inform.