Kadykchan ghost town

Kadykchan – Abandoned Soviet Mining Town

Kadykchan is located at the eastern extremity of Russia in the Kolyma region of Siberia, an area renowned for the harshness of the climate. This part of Siberia is known for something else too, the devastating brutality of its Gulags. … Read More


Inside Saint Elmo, Colorado’s Best Preserved Ghost Town

St. Elmo, is currently the best-preserved ghost town in Colorado. This former gold mining camp in Chaffee County lies in the heart of the Sawatch Range. The entire district was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979, … Read More

rhyolite-ghost town featured

Rhyolite, Nevada – Abandoned Gold Rush-era Ghost Town

Founded in 1904, Rhyolite was once a booming late Gold Rush-era mining town on the edge of Death Valley. People flocked there in the promise of finding gold. Within a few short years, Rhyolite was a bustling mini-metropolis, with two … Read More

Ghost_town_Kayakoy dark tourism turkey

Visiting the Abandoned Town of Kayaköy, Turkey

To stand in the Kaya Valley region of Turkey, amongst the ruins of Kayaköy is an eerie experience. The stone buildings of this once-bustling town stand empty, after being abandoned abruptly in 1922. The citizens fell victim to the purges … Read More

Visiting Dhanushkodi – India’s Ghost Town

Located on the south-eastern end of Pamban Island (or Rameshwaram Island) in Tamil Nadu, Dhanushkodi is an essential dark tourist destination for anyone exploring India. This once small yet prosperous town had all the amenities of a bustling community; a … Read More

Pyramiden_Svalbard tours featured

A Tour to Pyramiden: Soviet Ghost Town in Svalbard

Nestled in the harsh, icy midst of Svalbard, above Norway’s arctic circle, is a remote abandoned ghost town like no other. To walk among the empty streets of Pyramiden is to step back in time. This former mining town permeates … Read More

Nelson Ghost Town – Eldorado Canyon & Techatticup Mine

Popular with tourists, photographers, and the occasional filmmaker, Nelson Ghost Town in Nevada is a very interesting site to visit. It also has a rather nefarious past. The Spaniards originally called the place Eldorado. They first discovered gold there in … Read More

Famagusta Varosha Ghost Resort

Varosha, Famagusta: The Abandoned Beach Resort

The abandoned beach resort Varosha is a very strange place. Where else can tourists sip cocktails beside the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, while gazing towards a fenced-off, forbidden ghost town, where entry is illegal and could result in being … Read More