A Trip to Tarrafal Camp – Former Penal Colony, Cape Verde

Tarrafal was once known as Campo da Morte Lenta (the “Camp of the Slow Death” in Portuguese). Those unfortunate enough to end up there suffered greatly. A notorious concentration camp in the Portuguese colony of Cape Verde, it was established … Read More

Île_du_diable_depuis_l'Île_Royale devils island

Devil’s Island – Abandoned Penal Colony, French Guiana

The islands around French Guiana exhibit unparalleled natural beauty. If paradise needed a poster child, these could be it. Lush green forests, meet sandy beaches that roll into crystal blue waters. Tourists flock to this part of the world for … Read More


Tomsk Memorial Museum – Former NKVD Prison

The Tomsk memorial museum is housed within a former NKVD (Stalin’s secret police and a forerunner to the KGB) headquarters and prison and is a stark and gloomy place to visit. Which is not surprising considering the unspeakable horrors that … Read More


Presidio Modelo (Model Prison): Dark Tourism Cuba

On a remote island off the coast of Cuba stands what was supposed to be a Presidio Modelo or “Model Prison”. The complex of circular cell blocks once housed a range of prisoners, from murderers to political dissidents and counterrevolutionaries. … Read More

Museum of Underground Prisoners

The Museum of Underground Prisoners [Trips to Jerusalem]

If you are in Jerusalem and are looking for an insight into how the British treated Arab and Jewish prisoners during the occupation of Palestine in the first half of the 20th Century, the Museum of Underground Prisoners is definitely … Read More