White_Sea–Baltic_Canal dark tourists

Traveling the White Sea Canal – A Waterway Built on Blood

The White Sea-Baltic Canal in northwest Russia has a dark history. It was one of the first large construction projects, fully conducted by the forced labor of gulag inmates. Stalin’s Five Year Plan and tyrannical push to prove that Russia … Read More

Dargavs Village – Inside the City of the Dead

Dargavs Village, also known as the City of the Dead is one of many mysterious dark tourist sites you can visit in Russia. It’s location, tucked away among the ridges of the Caucasus mountains, mean that only the most committed … Read More

Romanov Family_Nicholas_II_of_Russia_ca._1914

The Romanov Execution and Burial Sites

In the spring of 2017, I traveled the Trans Siberian from East to west. I started in Beijing and finished in Moscow, a route I highly recommend as far fewer tourists take it. Along the journey, I was able to … Read More