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Tollund Man – A Bog Body in Silkeborg, Denmark

On May 8, 1950, the police in Silkeborg, Denmark were called to a potential murder scene. A couple of local peat cutters (Viggo and Emil Hojgaard) had discovered a body in a bog near Bjældskovdal. However, the police quickly realized … Read More


How to Visit Grytviken Whaling Station, South Georgia

Grytviken, South Georgia has fascinated me for years. It’s inhospitable nature at the far end of the world, along with being the final resting place of the great Sir Ernest Shackleton gives it a special place in my imagination. And … Read More

Capuchin Catacombs featured

Visiting the Capuchin Catacombs in Palermo, Sicily

If you’re looking for a dark tourist location in Palermo, Sicily you need to head to the Catacombs at the Capuchin Monastery. This bizarre and somewhat morbid tourist attraction contains almost 8,000 corpses, most of which are dressed as if … Read More

Roopkund Skeleton Lake [Dark Tourism in India]

One for the bucket list for intrepid dark tourists has to be Roopkund Lake, otherwise known as Skeleton Lake in India. Situated in the Uttarakhand Himalayas, getting there is no easy task. Not only do you need to be physically … Read More

The Skull Tower, Niš [Dark Tourism in Serbia]

No prizes guessing what’s on offer at this particular dark tourist site. Three hours drive from Belgrade, in the small Serbian town of Niš is a grisly historical monument that serves to remind us of the barbaric nature of empire. … Read More

Hallstatt Charnel House

The Hallstatt Beinhaus: An Austrian House of Bones

As far as towns go, it doesn’t get much more charming than Hallstatt in Austria. Tucked away at the edge of a forested mountain in the Austrian Alps, complete with the crystal blue waters of Hallstatt lake, it’s a destination … Read More

The Cadaver Tomb of René of Chalon [Dark Tourism in France]

The Cadaver Tomb of René of Chalon [Dark Tourism in France]

For anyone up for a macabre photo opportunity that wouldn’t offend, (see my point on taking selfies at Dark Tourist destinations to understand more on that); the statue of René de Chalon’s rotting corpse at the Saint-Étienne church, in Bar-le-Duc is … Read More

Dargavs Village – Inside the City of the Dead

Dargavs Village, also known as the City of the Dead is one of many mysterious dark tourist sites you can visit in Russia. It’s location, tucked away among the ridges of the Caucasus mountains, mean that only the most committed … Read More