Musee Fragonard featured

Musée Fragonard d’Alfort [Dark Tourism in Paris]

A dark tourist in Paris will usually check out the Catacombs. They are undoubtedly a popular site on the itinerary. However, if you ask me, the Musee Fragonard d’Alfort is a must-see trip for those that like their macabre to … Read More


The Third Tunnel of Aggression [DMZ, Dark Tourism Korea]

The demilitarized zone (DMZ) separating North and South Korea needs no introduction to the average dark tourist. It is one for the sinister travel bucket list. This 160-mile-long (257 km), 2.5-mile-wide (4 km) strip of land between the two Koreas, … Read More

The Cadaver Tomb of René of Chalon [Dark Tourism in France]

The Cadaver Tomb of René of Chalon [Dark Tourism in France]

For anyone up for a macabre photo opportunity that wouldn’t offend, (see my point on taking selfies at Dark Tourist destinations to understand more on that); the statue of René de Chalon’s rotting corpse at the Saint-Étienne church, in Bar-le-Duc is … Read More

inside Houska Castle

Inside Houska Castle (Built to Close a Gate to Hell)

Unraveling the truth from the myth of Houska Castle isn’t easy. What we do know is that the castle was built in the second half of the 13th century. However, the reason is unclear and in some ways depends on … Read More

Dargavs Village – Inside the City of the Dead

Dargavs Village, also known as the City of the Dead is one of many mysterious dark tourist sites you can visit in Russia. It’s location, tucked away among the ridges of the Caucasus mountains, mean that only the most committed … Read More

Presidential_national funeral museum

National Museum of Funeral History: A Day Out in Houston

If you’re in the Houston area and you fancy an alternative dark tourist experience, you should definitely head to the National Museum of Funeral History. Enter with the right state of mind, and you will leave feeling optimistic about life: … Read More

Exploring the Drakelow Tunnels – All You Need to Know

The largest underground complex of tunnels in the UK is actually open to the public. Beneath Kingsford Country Park, the Drakelow Tunnels are a former “Top Secret”, underground military center, spanning over 3.5 miles. If you happen to be anywhere … Read More

Leon_Trotsky_House Mexico_City

Leon Trotsky Museum [House and Murder Site]

The former Trotsky home in Mexico City, now a museum, remains much as it was on the day that the revolutionary was murdered. In fact, the room where a man named Ramón Mercader smashed an ice axe into Trotsky’s skull … Read More

Moynaq Ship Graveyard Uzbekistan 2

Moynaq: Desert Ships and the Aral Sea in Uzbekistan

The Aral Sea was once the fourth-largest lake in the world. As recently as 1960 this vast inland sea situated on the border between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, had a thriving fishing industry supplying the Soviet Union with a sixth of … Read More

KGB Museum Riga [Dark Tourism in Latvia]

Like many dark tourism destinations, when you initially arrive at the location it is difficult to connect what you see in front of you, with the human suffering that took place there. That definitely applies to the former KGB headquarters … Read More

John_Lennon_ and Yoko_Ono

John Lennon’s Murder: Dark Tourism New York

The senseless murder of John Lennon on December 8, 1980, shocked the world. Sporting events and television broadcasts were interrupted with special news bulletins, for those old enough to remember it, it was very much a case of where were … Read More