A Traveler's Guide to Dark Tourism

Exploring the World's Dark & Unusual Travel Destinations

Inside Moosham Castle – Witch Trials & Werewolves

Moosham Castle in Unternberg, Austria, is considered one of the world’s most haunted castles. It is certainly closely linked with the macabre. Not only was Moosham the administrative center of the Zaubererjackl witch trials, (commonly thought of as the bloodiest … Read More

iwo jima featured

Visiting Iwo Jima – WW2 in the Pacific

When photographer Joe Rosenthal captured the image of six U.S. Marines raising the American flag atop Iwo Jima’s highest point, it arguably became the most iconic moment of the war in the Pacific. The date was February 23, 1945, and … Read More


Poperinge Death Cells – WW1 Memorial, Belgium

The inner courtyard of the town hall in Poperinge, Belgium is a poignant destination. There you will find a series of small cells and an authentic execution pole. The tragic truth is, many so-called ‘deserters’ during WW1 were executed here. … Read More

Museum_of_PRL Krakow,_Poland

Visiting the Muzeum Czar PRL – Warsaw, Poland

The Museum of Life Under Communism (known as Muzeam Czar PRL) in Warsaw, Poland is a wonderful (albeit small) collection of artifacts that aim to depict just that; what life was like for the average citizen in the pro-communist People’s … Read More

Île_du_diable_depuis_l'Île_Royale devils island

Devil’s Island – Abandoned Penal Colony, French Guiana

The islands around French Guiana exhibit unparalleled natural beauty. If paradise needed a poster child, these could be it. Lush green forests, meet sandy beaches that roll into crystal blue waters. Tourists flock to this part of the world for … Read More

Villa Torlonia – Benito Mussolini’s Residence, Rome

Villa Torlonia in Rome is a grand 19th-century villa that was once the home of Benito Mussolini. And as any dark tourist will admit, visiting the residences of former dictators is definitely intriguing. Lucky for us, it is now open … Read More

Eyam Plague Museum – Dark Tourism in England

Eyam, located in the Peak District, Derbyshire, England, is a place with a dark history. And it all stems from a moment of innocence. Back in 1665, a local tailor ordered some materials from London so that he could make … Read More

How to Visit the Stockport Air Raid Shelters

Beneath Stockport, near Manchester, England is a mile of tunnels that could once provide shelter for 6,500 people. The subterranean network was dug out from the sandstone in 1938. During the bombing raids by the Germans in the Second World … Read More

Chateau_de_Brissac dark tourism in france

Visiting Château de Brissac – Loire Valley

Chateau de Brissac is a sight to behold, it is quite possibly the most beautiful chateaux in France. Less subjectively, with 7 floors it is the tallest in the Loire Valley. Located in the village of Brissac-Quince in the département … Read More


Tomsk Memorial Museum – Former NKVD Prison

The Tomsk memorial museum is housed within a former NKVD (Stalin’s secret police and a forerunner to the KGB) headquarters and prison and is a stark and gloomy place to visit. Which is not surprising considering the unspeakable horrors that … Read More

Prison Cell of Ludger Sylbaris featured

Saint-Pierre & the Prison Cell of Ludger Sylbaris

On May 8, 1902, Mount Pelee erupted and destroyed the town of Saint-Pierre, Martinique. Approximately 30,000 people were burned to death instantly and it is deemed the worst volcanic disaster of the 20th century. But one man, against all odds, … Read More