Visiting Nauru – An Island From Boom To Bust

Nauru has had a troubled history, passed from one empire to the next. As one of the three big “phosphate rocks” of the Pacific, (Banaba in Kiribati and Makatea in French Polynesia being the other two), the island was a … Read More


Port Royal – Sunken Pirate City, Jamaica

Port Royal, Jamaica was once known as “the most wicked and sinful city in the world”. Founded in 1494 by the Spanish, the enclave positioned on the mouth of what is now called Kingston Harbour, was the center of shipping … Read More


Bunker Valentin, Bremen – Nazi U-Boat Facility

Bunker Valentin was the largest fortified U-boat facility in Germany during WWII. Built to produce submarines on a grand scale for the Nazi war effort, more than 10,000 forced laborers were used in the construction of this gigantic bunker, support … Read More


Museum of Death, Los Angeles, California

The Museum of Death, in Los Angeles, California boasts the world’s largest collection of serial killer artwork. That’s quite a claim to fame. It also has a vast collection of macabre exhibits related to, well you’ve guessed it, death. No … Read More


A Trip to Tarrafal Camp – Former Penal Colony, Cape Verde

Tarrafal was once known as Campo da Morte Lenta (the “Camp of the Slow Death” in Portuguese). Those unfortunate enough to end up there suffered greatly. A notorious concentration camp in the Portuguese colony of Cape Verde, it was established … Read More


Kura Hulanda Museum – Slavery in the Caribbean

Visiting the Kura Hulanda Museum in Willemstad, Curaçao is a hard-hitting experience. Chronicling European colonization and the slave trade in the area, the exhibits certainly evoke an emotional response from those that venture inside. From original Ku Klux Klan robes … Read More

White_Sea–Baltic_Canal dark tourists

Traveling the White Sea Canal – A Waterway Built on Blood

The White Sea-Baltic Canal in northwest Russia has a dark history. It was one of the first large construction projects, fully conducted by the forced labor of gulag inmates. Stalin’s Five Year Plan and tyrannical push to prove that Russia … Read More

Inside Moosham Castle – Witch Trials & Werewolves

Moosham Castle in Unternberg, Austria, is considered one of the world’s most haunted castles. It is certainly closely linked with the macabre. Not only was Moosham the administrative center of the Zaubererjackl witch trials, (commonly thought of as the bloodiest … Read More

Île_du_diable_depuis_l'Île_Royale devils island

Devil’s Island – Abandoned Penal Colony, French Guiana

The islands around French Guiana exhibit unparalleled natural beauty. If paradise needed a poster child, these could be it. Lush green forests, meet sandy beaches that roll into crystal blue waters. Tourists flock to this part of the world for … Read More

Villa Torlonia – Benito Mussolini’s Residence, Rome

Villa Torlonia in Rome is a grand 19th-century villa that was once the home of Benito Mussolini. And as any dark tourist will admit, visiting the residences of former dictators is definitely intriguing. Lucky for us, it is now open … Read More

Eyam Plague Museum – Dark Tourism in England

Eyam, located in the Peak District, Derbyshire, England, is a place with a dark history. And it all stems from a moment of innocence. Back in 1665, a local tailor ordered some materials from London so that he could make … Read More

Chateau_de_Brissac dark tourism in france

Visiting Château de Brissac – Loire Valley

Chateau de Brissac is a sight to behold, it is quite possibly the most beautiful chateaux in France. Less subjectively, with 7 floors it is the tallest in the Loire Valley. Located in the village of Brissac-Quince in the département … Read More


How to Visit Grytviken Whaling Station, South Georgia

Grytviken, South Georgia has fascinated me for years. It’s inhospitable nature at the far end of the world, along with being the final resting place of the great Sir Ernest Shackleton gives it a special place in my imagination. And … Read More

Museum of Criminal Anthropology

Cesare Lombroso’s Museum of Criminal Anthropology, Turin

The Lombroso Museum of Criminal Anthropology is a fascinating place and a highly recommended visit for any dark tourist in Turin. Once only available to academics, this museum of skulls is a product of the criminal anthropologist Cesare Lombroso. His … Read More

Agnes Eltz haunted Castle

Visiting Eltz Castle (Burg Eltz) – Wierschem, Germany

Eltz Castle or Burg Eltz is considered to be the most intact and traditional of all Germany’s 20,000 plus castles. Its isolated location and dramatic medieval design simply take the breath away. The fact the same family has remained in … Read More